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Core Policy

Core Returns:

All cores must be returned and received within 30 days from the original invoice date.


Core Charge Refunds:

To receive core credits, all cores must be received within 30 days from the original invoice date.


Core charges will be refunded in full within ten (10) working days after your PREPAID, REBUILDABLE, FULLY ASSEMBLED core is received in the SAME BOX in which the original part was packaged.


What is a Core?

A core, as defined in the automotive parts industry, is a defective/damaged (but not physically broken) part that can be rebuilt/reconditioned and put back in service.


What is a Core Charge?

On some rebuilt items there is a charge if you don't have the defective unit to trade in at the time of purchase.  This charge is levied by the manufacturer/rebuilder and is called a "Core Charge."  The amount of the charge levied by the rebuilder depends on the scarcity of the item.  If they have an almost inexhaustible supply of old units to rebuild, there is usually no core required or a minimal $2 or $3 fee.  If rebuildable cores are in short supply and they really need your old part to be able to continue their rebuild program, they place a high value on the defective part to make it more financially attractive for you to trade it in.


What parts require an "exchange part" (core)?

The Rebuilt automotive parts usually associated with requiring a core at the time of purchase are alternators, generators, starters, crankshafts, fuel distributors. etc.


By ordering on-line, you will not be able to present your core (if required) at the time of purchase.  Therefore, when viewed, these items will indicate a Core Charge amount (if applicable) that will be automatically invoiced along with the part.  This "Core Charge" will be returned in full when certain conditions are met.  Please read Core Charge Refunds.



On-line orders are normally shipped no later than the following working day after receipt.

On-line orders ship daily (Monday-Friday) 8:00AM-5:00PM Central Time Zone via UPS Ground.  Larger used parts ship via motor freight.


Crating Charge:

Note: Large used parts such as doors, engines, seats, transmissions, window glass, etc., have a "crating" charge ranging from $10 to $35, based on size and vulnerability to shipping damage.


Shipping/Handling Charges:

Actual UPS shipping plus a $1 handling fee is charged on every order.






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