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Looking for New Replacement Parts for your Air or Water Cooled Volkswagen or Audi?  


For help searching our  "On Line Catalog" containing over 3800 New Replacement Parts for Volkswagen and Audi, refer to: "Search Help" on the right.  


On-Line Catalog Index

Every part in our on-line Catalog is listed in our Catalog Index by name.  You can use the index to supplement the Search Keyword(s) option.  After using the index, you will see how the parts are named and arranged, which will be helpful in using the Search Keyword(s) Option.


Special Orders/Requests

If, after using our Search Keyword option and checking our Catalog Index, you still don't find the new replacement part/s you are looking for, contact us using our Special Request form to receive a personalized quote.  All Special Requests will be quoted within two working days.  Most Special Orders resulting from a Special Request are shipped within two days after receiving confirmation of the Special Order.




Use the Search Option to find a specific part such as: MASTER CYLINDER. This search will display every part in our inventory that has the words MASTER CYLINDER in the title or description for the part. You can scroll through the parts that are found, or If this search yields too many parts, tighten your search by adding TYPE 1. Your search would now read: MASTER CYLINDER TYPE 1 and would yield only the master cylinders whose descriptions say they fit Type 1 (Volkswagen Karmann Ghia's, etc..). Substitute: Audi, Jetta, Golf, Vanagon, Quantum, etc.. for "TYPE 1" to find master cylinders that fit only those vehicles, etc...  If you have a specific Volkswagen or Audi Part number you are looking for, enter the number in the "Search Keywords" Field and click "Find Part" .  After scrolling and finding the specific replacement part you are looking for, select it to display your cost.  At that point, you can place it in our Secure Shopping Cart and check out, or you can continue shopping by returning to our On Line Catalog.





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